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Simply Soccer is all about helping you improve your game and stand out on the pitch! Click the image below to gain access to my free ebook "Game Changer" that will help you do this!

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Your Ticket To Becoming A Player Who Stands Out

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A stand out player is someone who makes their presence known on the pitch. They perform consistently well, with confidence, and are always looking for ways to improve and better themselves.

The Simply Soccer Training Programs are designed to not only give you all the training you'll need to develop your skill with the ball, but to also develop the mental attributes and confidence in your ability that you'll need to stand out from the crowd.


I am Dave, founder of Simply Soccer

Having moved to the states from the UK when I was very young, I grew up obsessed with football. However, where we moved to had very limited opportunities as football wasn't very popular there.

We didn't have academies, proper training centers, and there wasn't even a pro team anywhere in sight until the Philadelphia Union was founded in 2008.

As a result, I was forced to find my own ways to improve and become a better player. I trained every day, played as many matches as I could and started to learn what worked.

I started becoming better quickly. Leading to many colleges being interested in me, becoming top scorer there my freshman year, helping them to their first ever conference final where we faced off against the #1 team in the nation, and even being offered a pro contract shortly after college.

I've designed The Simply Soccer Training Programs to give players the tools they need to become a stand out player whether they have the best facilities or not and regardless of what location you are in.

I learned very quickly while doing my own training that you don't need much..

Check out the programs below today to start your journey in becoming a stand out player. 

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Every week I create videos on YouTube designed to help you improve your game! I cover topics such as the fundamentals of football, the mental side of the game, how to make better decisions on the pitch and more! Watch one of my most recent ones below or check out another one at